Aberystwyth Rifle & Pistol Club is a small club based near to the picturesque seaside town of Aber in Ceredigion (Dyfed) Mid Wales, we are a small but dedicated club with a 25m outdoor range facility with turning targets, 8 covered firing positions and a clubhouse. Licensed for full bore,gallery firearms and muzzle loading firearms,we also have dedicatedair rifles and pistol range..

Our aims
We aim to promote the safe sport of target and gallery shooting , for all diciplines ,and for all ages.To promote Welsh shooting clubs and encourage inter-club relations.

We participate in the Phoenix postal league , hold Black powder competitions at our range, host Practicle Rifle competitions at Llansillin military range, and regularly attend many competitions around the UK, if you would like to join, visit or participate , please go to the Contacts page for info.

NB Site is under contruction , new pages will added shortly.

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